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Freemasonry encourages charitable giving, so far as can be achieved within each member's purse, and without causing problems to his family.

The Lodge has a strong and proud tradition of charitable giving.

Every Masterís aim has been to bolster the regular Masonic charities that we have supported as well as many other worthy causes. With the formal creation of the office of Charity Steward in 1976 our charity collections were transformed from acceptably generous contributions to offerings of incredibly magnificent benevolence. This has been due to both the motivation and enthusiasm of the Charity Stewards and the generosity of the members.

There are four main avenues by which members contribute:

  • every Master has a nominated charity, and members are encouraged to contribute to this.  These charities are typically one of the four main Masonic charities, and the sums raised approximate to two - or three thousand pounds each year

  • there is a "table collection" at every meeting.  The sums raised are typically one - or two hundred pounds each meeting, and these are typically donated to non-Masonic charities (e.g. children's' charities)

  • there is a collection at every Lodge of Instruction.  These typically raise a few hundred pounds which is generally donated to non-Masonic charities

  • social events generate charitable funds, either through a surplus over the costs, or through raffles etc.  These typically are donated to the Master's nominated charity 

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