Lodge of Guiding Light No. 7539

The Lodge of Guiding Light

Freemasonry encourages its members to be good members of society, and to lead by example. That does not imply that we must be pretentious or take ourselves too seriously.

We believe that we should enjoy our Masonic activities. Enjoyment does not mean that we are always laughing and joking. There can be enormous satisfaction in learning and delivering a piece of ritual well.

We like to believe that we have the balance about right between taking pride in delivering ritual that is meaningful and memorable for the candidate, and enjoying ourselves.

The weekly Lodge of Instruction typically includes a break during which members talk about non-Masonic activities and, dare we say, gossip among themselves.

The Lodge is lively: it encourages debate on all aspects of running and managing its activities. It particularly encourages contributions from the younger members.

The Lodge works Universal ritual, with a few planned variations. These seem generally to echo Taylor's workings.

The Lodge is a member of the Connaught Group.

The Lodge is a Founding Member of Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

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