Lodge of Guiding Light No. 7539

Social Activities & Ladies Festivals

It is an established practice for the Lodge, and the Lodge of Instruction, to foster social activities for the members and for their family and friends.

The weekly Lodge of Instruction typically includes a break during which members talk about non-masonic activities.

It has been the practice of the Lodge over the years to promote Annual Ladies’ Festivals. In the early days these Banquets were held at the Savoy Hotel, and then at other West End Venues. In more recent years these have been held as week ends in the country with a Ladies’ Night arranged for the Saturday evening. One very successful week-end was held in Brussels. All these have been extremely successful social occasions for the Members and their ladies, and Festival Secretaries through the years have been warmly thanked.

In 2006, a very successful informal lunch was held at a restaurant in Teddington.

In addition to our own social events, members attend the many events organised by Metropolitan Grand Lodge (e.g. the golf competition where one of our members was a member of the winning team.

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