Lodge of Guiding Light No. 7539

Why should I join the Lodge?

Existing Masons

The Lodge offers existing Masons a welcoming environment where they can enhance their Masonic involvement at a pace and to a level appropriate to them from time to time.

An existing Mason may find that the Lodge offers convenient opportunities to develop his Masonic knowledge, and/or additional opportunities to take office and influence a Lodge.

Prospective Masons

A new candidate for Masonry will wish to explore the pace and extent of his involvement. Different members require differing levels of involvement, and these may vary from time to time as circumstances change. It is important to recognise the appropriate level at any one time.

Some Masons are content to simply attend the four main meetings each year, and to enjoy the warmth of companionship offered.

Most wish to learn the ritual over a period of several years, to take office, and to progress through to becoming the Master of a Lodge.

Many will wish to explore and understand the ritual in some depth, and to discover the many lessons it contains, and enjoy the beautiful prose in which the ritual is expressed.

Several will wish to take their Masonic activities through into the higher degrees. Although an option, a discussion of that lies beyond the scope of this site.

What do I do next? 

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